Within And Beyond . 2cd/digital

2cd in oversized Hands paper pack . HANDS B047 incl HANDS D274 and HANDS D275

Within and Beyond:
Prepare for a manifesto of expressionist ideas, with Talvekoidik taking his agenda even further than on his previous albums, which already embraced a much-regarded eclectic approach.
Electronic-based tracks originating from unconventional sound design are used to paint soundscapes oscillating between plausible and unreal, tangible and abstract. A work of beauty, a picture of the “Within”, extended over two discs with the second presenting re-recordings and remixes by Talvekoidik himself and prolific guests providing some unexpected diversion, the peek “Beyond”.
Since the release of “Spitzbergen” in 2015, Kai Hahnewald aka Talvekoidik has surely not rested, with a steady string of live performances, taking him as far as China, and intense recording sessions ensuing from 2016 to 2018.
During this period, he experimented and refined his techniques, a.o. the processing of field recordings.
As a result, “Within” perfectly fathoms the extremes of his art: Opening with “A Glimpse Of Tranquility”, a dreamy half-melodic texture (worthy of the mighty Coil) the listener is invited to immersion: Neo-classical grandeur (“Set Sail To Gotland”, “The Storm Paints With Waves And Clouds”) alternates with radically intimate pieces like “On A Rainy Day You’ll Understand”, lavish string sounds tower above cinematic pieces like “Jasmund” or “Out of Place”, key melodies and immediate sounds of nature (“The Forest Behind The Cliff Line”) are found throughout, and sometimes the rhythm takes command in full force, like in the culminating second half of “In November”.
“Within” is a tribute to grace, a radically subjective outlook, an account of emotional experience – perfectly contrasted with “Beyond”, the addendum: For this, Talvekoidik revisits his own history, with four tracks culled from his 2007 debut and one from 2012’s “Negotiate the Distance” having been remixed or re-recorded to fit within his updated musical framework.
A host of diverse guests then represents the beyond: Canadian electronica artist SubtractiveLAD, obscure Etched Traumas activist Ein Profil and Leitmotiv Rainbow loosely remain within Talvekoidik’s sonic territory, while label mate Edgey cranks up rhythmic aggression – and lighten up the mood.

Pay attention: Look within. Look beyond.

01 A Glimpse Of Tranquility
02 Stones Roll Down The Streambed
03 Set Sail To Gotland
04 On A Rainy Day You’ll Understand
05 Jasmund
06 The Storm Paints With Waves And Clouds
07 Out Of Place
08 In November
09 The Forest Behind The Cliff Line
10 Breathe With Relief

01 Such A Perfect Day – Bristol Mix
02 Rising The Tension – SubtractiveLAD Remix
03 The Möbius Strip – Version
04 Nordlicht – Leitmotiv Rainbow Remix
05 Atlas – Version
06 Silent Reflections – Full Circle Mix
07 Unreal Yearning – Ein Profil Remix
08 The Tree Knows A Secret – The Story Mix feat. Infienity
09 Thats My Desire – Edgey Remix
10 The Cliff – Version

A Journey Through Evocative Soundscapes

Welcome to the immersive world of Talvekoidik, the musical project of electronic composer Kai Christian Hahnewald. Delving into the depths of emotive electronic music, Talvekoidik crafts a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and transports listeners to ethereal realms.

With meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of sonic textures, Talvekoidik weaves intricate compositions that blend elements of ambient, IDM, and experimental electronica. Each track is a meticulously crafted tapestry of sound, evoking a range of emotions and sensations.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of influences, from classical music to cutting-edge electronic production techniques, Talvekoidik’s music defies categorization, offering a unique sonic experience that resonates with listeners on a deep and profound level.

Whether you’re seeking solace in the midst of chaos or embarking on a journey of self-discovery, Talvekoidik’s music serves as the perfect companion. It guides you through evocative soundscapes that linger in the mind long after the music has ceased.

Experience the transcendent beauty of Talvekoidik’s music and embark on a journey of sonic exploration unlike any other.